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Organic Fruits and Vegetables during the Fall Season

An important part of organic living is eating locally and seasonally.  Seeing as how the internet allows people from all over to share information, it does not make much sense to focus on local, seasonal fruits and vegetables in my area only.  So, I am focusing on organic fruit and vegetables typical of most climates in the fall.

What you should be eating this fall:

Here is a list of a few fall favorites to enjoy. Remember buy Organic and.or local whenever possible.

Apples: The best of the best are naturally ready in the fall months.

Artichokes:  Smaller but still delicious second crops pop up in the fall.

Beets: Deep red and delicious fall crop.

Carrots:  Their natural harvest is in the fall and they are fantastic.

Dates: Get them while you can.

Figs:  The best time of year to get these ancient fruit.

Greens:  Spinach, kale, collards to name a few are best in the fall.

Parsnips:  Use these delicious and in season root vegetables much like potatoes with a twist.

Pears: Sweet and succulent, pears are at their prime in Autumn.

Pumpkin: King of the fall.  Bright orange and ready to enjoy.

Spinach:  Rich and earthy, Spinach is a wonderful fall green.

Sweet potato:  Sweet and ready to consume.

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