Organic formula for babies


There is nothing like getting the ball rolling young.  My wife and I have twin daughters and while we had hoped not to use formula, there was no avoiding it. They were little eating machines and my wife couldn’t keep up.  The phrase “I feel like a cow” was repeated numerous times.  When we did have to turn to formula as a supplement we looked high and low for an organic formula that was affordable.  We eventually found a similac product that was labelled USDA Organic and at a great price.  But just as the world turns, there is always a catch to natural and organic foods.

Have no fear, we are here to keep you on the right path.

Similac, Earth’s Best and Nature’s One are the top and most respected organic baby formulas but each has a dark little secret.  Each one of these companies adds DHA and ARA omega fatty acids to their formulas.  Hold on a minute, I thought those were good for baby.  THEY ARE but…… how they get the DHA and ARA is a little bit shady.  Apparently, they use the chemical hexane, acid and even bleach to extract the omega fatty acids from the sources.  similac and Earth’s Best openly acknowledge that they use the process (which is FDA approved:() but all stated that there are no trace of these chemicals in the finished product.  Nature’s One said they do not use chemicals to extract the fatty acids but rather a water based process.  One point for Nature’s One.

Then we began looking at the containers.  With all the BPA warnings with bottles and plastic food supplies, we were curious about the packaging that these formulas were kept.  Low and behold Similac and Earth’s Best have inner coatings with BPA while, as of May 2010, Nature’s One has BPA free containers.  Two points for Nature’s One.

Verdict:  It’s a no brainer.  If you are using formula in any way, you need to go organic and your safest bet is Natures One baby’s only Formula.  Visit for more information an coupons.